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Great piece in the New York Times Sunday edition yesterday. It’s a lengthy piece by Roger Cohen and covers wonderfully lots of ground. From old school Cuban-American cats like Alfredo Duran in Miami, to young guns on the island like Yoani Sanchez…

… POINT BEING, it’s time for CHANGE.

(Photo by Ambroise Tézenas for The New York Times)

Roger speaks to Yoani, the 33 yr old blogger who’s makin’ waves digitally:

“There’s a very intelligent repression here, a scientific repression” she says. “They have killed us as citizens, so they do not have to kill us physically. Our own police is in our brains, censoring us before we utter a critical idea.”


“You know,” Sánchez said, “when a nation gets on its knees before a man, it’s all over. When a man decides how much rice I eat a month, or whether or not I can leave a country, that country is sick. This man is human. He commits errors. How can he have such power? Like a lot of people of my generation, I have willed myself to stop thinking about him, as a therapy.”

“I think there will be relief when Fidel dies” she says. “We will breathe out. The mystical and symbolic weight of his presence is very heavy, for his opponents and even for his supporters. It’s hard to right his errors while he’s still there.”


I hope Roger and other journalists continue finding and quoting more Yaoni’s throughout Cuba. She’s a rare and fearless bird who has the courage to speak her mind. But I’ve spoken to several other young ones who echo her sentiment. It’s an amazingly educated and poetic generation that has alot to say. We’ll need to understand this demographic further as our administration decides to dismantle this stubborn embargo.

(Photo Burt Glinn/Magnum Photos)

Read the NY Times piece The End of the End of The Revolution here.

One Response to “The End of The Revolution”

  1. Dino Dellamonica

    Castro is a huge burden on Cuban people’s psyché. They will breathe with relief when he finally meet his master , the Devil, in Hell.
    Dino Dellamonica.

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