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I got a letter from a girl called Ioana who commented on the last blog Post “Big Change in Cuba”. I tend to gravitate towards input from people who lived though Communism from places such as Poland or Berlin… especially stories of the Fall of Communism and the human folly that ensues with making such a drastic transition to a new society. Below is the letter from a girl who experienced the Fall of Communism in Romania.


Hi. So I heard the news either yesterday or the day before on npr. My first reaction was “yay” and then I remembered what happened in Romania. I’m from Romania and I have seen how the cowards went underground and remained quiet for a while and they eventually reemerged as a political party. On top of that the top people of the communist regime who had a lot of blood and dirt on their hands have been quietly protected. I know, because my step-grandfather was one of them. Their pensions are ridiculously high and they still have connections within government.

One type of communist will replace another. I don’t mean to poop on the parade but that’s what happened in Romania and frankly in Russia. This doesn’t mean that things won’t change but it might not be necessarily for the best. I suppose if Obama does build that bridge it will be a huuuuge change for Cuba, I’m just worried that for the little guy it won’t bring about a better life. I hope in Cuba’s case it will be different than in Eastern Europe. Thanks Jauretsi! Had to get that off my chest — Ioana

….And thank youuuu Ioana. The forum is open if anyone else has words of wisdom to illuminate the situation of Cuba’s “new day” post-Fidel Castro.. and how we can better understand the dynamics of their eventual transition a little better. Send all letters to

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  1. Peter Gonzalez

    Things in Cuba may turn out differently than in Eastern Europe for a variety of factors including Cuba’s geographical proximity to the United States, the economic power and political influence of Cuban-Americans in the USA, and American business interests with deep pockets looking to invest in a “new” market that will eventually rebuild its infrastructure and bring in many more dollars than it currently generates from the mediocre tourist industry, and it’s less than mediocre sugar, tabacco, nickel, rum and other industries that can be drastically improved given the right resources, management and economic incentives. Was that not the longest run-on sentence you’ve ever read. I have more to write, but I need to get some sleep. Te quiero Jauretsi. Adios.

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