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Aroldis Chapman is M.I.A. —- He is the pride and joy of Cuba now… considered to be the No. 1 left-handed prospect in the world (according to baseball scouts).

Anyway, he just landed in Netherlands last week. Roughly 1 hour after check-in, Aroldis ducked into a mystery car and, well….. no more Aroldis. He flaked and didn’t show up to the four-nation tournament in Rotterdam. Can you guess what happened?

The clueless Cuban delegation (government officials) who traveled with him offered only one quote — “We are waiting for information. We do not know anything.”

God bless the guy. He is 21 years old and he has his whole life ahead of him. This is what happens when you tell your people they can’t travel outside their country, and they can’t realize their dreams to the fullest. It really sucks that Cubans are forced to abandon their country this sad way.

We look forward to when Aroldis re-emerges and announces the major league baseball team he’ll play for.

We just want to say, “hang in there” to him and his family (whom he left behind in Cuba). He is a true champion and will probably create a glorious legacy for himself.

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  1. insideplaya


    Thanx for putting us up on game.

    Keep It Hot

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