The above video is the wife of a man named Panfilo. She is a scared woman. Harassed by her government. If you haven’t heard of the ruckus last week in Cuba, here are the broad strokes: Panfilo is a regular guy who got drunk one day, yapped about how hungry he was, somebody put it on You Tube, the video spread like wildfire, the government freaked out, and now he is sentenced to 4 years in prison with no criminal action having been done.

Anyway, in Cuba, there’s this ridiculous police charge called “Social dangerousness”. In short, it gives the government the right to arrest you BEFORE you commit any crimes. Nuts, huh? Sort of like Minority Report except there are no cognitive experts seeing the future. Only a paranoid government with military muscle calling the shots. Welcome to the Kafka-esque world of Cuba.

Yoani writes about the arrest in her blog too: “In a society marked by punishments against those who express their opinions, neither fools nor children say what they think, only drunkards.”

A guy named Pedro Martin aka “el general” posted a group page on Facebook for friends, family, admirers, and human rights organizations could to huddle and discuss updates of his prison sentence. Within 1 day, there were 800 members, Today, roughly a week later, there are 2,015 members and growing.

Facebook Group Page for his safe return is found at: Facebook/Free Panfilo

Behold the video that got this guy in trouble and spread fast as hell online: Panfilo Speaking His Mind On The Street. Sure he was on booze. But homeboy was being honest.

Yoani wraps up her thoughts by explaining the governments stance on making him an example: “If they don’t condemn him, who will prevent the corner alcoholics, the neighborhood drunks, from standing in front of a camera and starting to shout for everything we lack: Food! Future! Freedom!”.

The video you see above is Panfilo’s wife speaking about the situation getting worse before the arrest took place. “My kids are scared. In my home there is no food. That is the reality” she says.

Sad embarrassing day in Cuba, folks.