Wow. Just when you thought it couldn’t get more pathetic after the Panfilo incident this month in Cuba, the government just announced the island is going to be short on toilet paper for the rest of 2009. One of the humorous posts on the YouTube commentary board wrote: “I’m sure Fidel and his brother are not out of toilet paper.”

During my stays in Cuba, one of the most common views in peoples home bathrooms (in Alamar at least) was shredded newspaper by the toilet as a replacement for toilet paper. Lordy, you can imagine the jokes of wiping your ass with the State propaganda… I mean, you gotta laugh sometimes when things get so dire… and boy, Cubans know how to tell a good joke when the going gets rough.

Anyway, expect more Granma and Juventud Rebelde papers on standby at local toilets around the country now!