Watching, Rooting, and Supporting this thing called "The New Cuba" (Cuba Specialist | Production | Sensei)

(Tattoos read “Rap is War” — Los Aldeanos members, Bian Oscar Rodríguez Gala aka “El B” & Aldo Roberto Rodríguez Baquero aka “El Aldeano”)

Aldo, of the band Los Aldeanos, has been arrested by police in Cuba today due to the fact he owned a computer. A writer named Claudia Cadelo, of the blog El Guama Blog, reports that Also was detained on Zapata y C at 11am this morning.

(Guama Blog. The logo is a flip of Cuba’s National Newspaper, Granma)

There’s not much information out on this arrest right now, but stay tuned… These rappers have created some pretty impressive tidal waves of consciousness. In 2003, they mustered the confidence to play their first show at the Almendares Park in 2003, and have since caused an earthquake of attention — posing a realistic danger to the strong-armed government — all using the power of words only. These are good kids. Not criminals. They are enlightened, eloquent, fearless, and demand their basic rights.

During last weeks controversial concert in Cuba by Juanes with several international bands calling for solidarity — Musical artist Juanes shouted-out Aldeanos and wished them well. It is clear that Aldeanos stature as Cuban rappers has reached global impact.

(Los Aldeanos in the ‘hood with friends)

Lyrics: “Enough”

Enough of the oppression
enough of the false promises
enough corruption …

Enough of the lies
enough of the expensive justice
enough of the laws that restrict and don’t protect….”
“We order it to stop”

Whether you like it or not, we keep going – without fear
putting a break on the train [Cuba’s system]
We’ve arrived and we’re ordering it to stop.
It’s savage, the blackmail that we are submitted to.
We’re [expletive].
How badly they’ve led us…

“Freedom of expression”
The world is upside down
but I will live with freedom of expression.
The nation is not “on”
They speak of “revolution” but they have no notion of it….

One Response to “Breaking News: Aldeanos Arrest”

  1. tumakito

    bamos muchachos k ustedes pueden contra esa porkeria de gobierno k ustedes tienen nunka se les olbide el rap es guerra desde cuba para el mundo att des de colombia estan sonanedo kon duro aki en cali valle

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