(Juanita Castro, speaks out at a rally at the Tokyo Convention of the World Anti-Communist League in 1970)

Sometimes I usually laugh at the paranoia Fidel demonstrates by claiming everything and everyone is working for the CIA against him. The word “spy” is tossed around very liberally in Cuba. Then there are other times when I think, damn, maybe his paranoia has allowed him to outlast 11 American presidents and countless assassination attempts. At least this guy can trust his own sister right?

Today in the news, it was announced that Fidel Castro’s sister, Juanita Castro collaborated with US Intelligence promptly after she saw the 1959 Revolution turned from the original dream. Fidel’s mother joined the cause with Junaita at times when both women sought to protect opponents who were jailed.

After their mother died, it increasingly became more dangerous for Juanita to live in Cuba. With mom gone, Fidel grew scarier and frankly could have “offed” Juanita, so she fled for Mexico in 1964.

Only 10 days after she fled Cuba, she held a press conference telling the world: “I can no longer remain indifferent to what is happening in my country,” she said. “My brothers Fidel and Raúl have made it an enormous prison surrounded by water. The people are nailed to a cross of torment imposed by international communism.”

All the details are written in her new book Fidel and Raul, My Brothers: The Secret History. A mexican journalist Maria Antonieta Collins co-authored the book. Univisión-Noticias 23 has the exclusive interview. Juanita has refused to give interviews until the book was released.


Source: The Guardian UK

(1970 Photo by Bettmann/Corbis)