Spoken from the mouth of a young mind in Cuba. Humberto Andres Hernandez wants to share a message about outsiders who move into Cuba, those who have more rights in their homeland than the locals themselves.

(NOTE: When a Cuban says “Yuma” they are referring the United States. The term comes from a 1957 film called 3:10 to Yuma, a film about cowboys.)

He sort of has a funny swagger in his delivery. Just like a regular island-born Cuban (raised in a non-MTV soundbite culture), it takes him much longer to express his point than your average A.D.D. American citizen. Just sit back, relax and hear him out.

Humberto Andres Hernandez gets his point across. He makes you feel like you are sitting in his living room in Cuba shooting the breeze over a bottle of rum.

The video below is called “Lo Negros” (The Blacks). Considering the 1959 Revolution was supposed eradicate racism, and some left-minded Americans I know believe that to be 100% true… it’s interesting to hear what a young locals point of view is from the island. Food for thought.

Could Humberto be the new Andy Rooney of Cuba?