(Cuba prepares for a US invasion this month)

CNN reports today that Fidel is starting to turn against Obama, implying that Fidel was supportive of Obama from day 1. It’s funny because from my recollection, I remember Fidel’s early “Reflection” essays (a column he writes for the National newspaper since retirement) has always sounded paranoid and antagonistic towards any new leader of “the empire”.

It wasn’t until the whole world rallied together in defense of Obama during elections that I started noticing Fidel’s statements getting a little kinder towards the potential President. Maybe he figured, why be a “hater” towards the one man everyone is rooting for? So Fidel changed his tune fast, and slowly we saw his “Reflections” columns speak of Obama with respect. I’m not too sure how altruistic it was. I think he was just trying to look tolerant towards in the eyes of his own country.

(Cuban military exercise to protect from invasion, their largest in 5 years)

Anyway, today’s current article is interesting, and points out all the fear mongering that Fidel, Chavez, and Raul are stirring up among their people right now. “The intentions of the empire are obvious,” Chavez read aloud at the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas summit in Havana. “This time behind the friendly smile and African-American face of President Barack Obama.” In the words of CNN, “the honeymoon between Obama and Cuba is over”.

One military exercise (the largest in 5 years) even shows all the islands soldiers preparing for an American invasion. As if America didn’t have enough moral headaches to worry about with Iraq. Why would we invade Cuba on a military level?!

NEWSFLASH TO ALL CUBANS READING THIS BLOG: United States is not invading Cuba. You are not even on our radar to militaristically invade. You don’t even have enough oil for our once corrupt adminstration to pilfer (although we hear there is a newfound oil resource on your island). Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the United States has plenty of other infiltration techniques on some spy levels. The story of espionage between Cuba and the US is an old dance that both countries are guilty of. Cubans should also worry about preserving their culture in the face globalization, but I repeat, do not worry about the US invading with guns and tanks. — END OF NEWSFLASH.

(Cuban billboard during Bush Administration when the US was less cooperative towards restoring relations)

The disses on Obama continue. Another head of State, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla (Foreign Minister of Cuba) insulted Obama at the climate change talks in Copenhagen. Bruno became Prime Minister of Cuba in March 2009 as the result of the Raul Castro shakeup. Before that, he served as Vice Minister under Felipe Pérez Roque whom he replaced during that time. In short, Bruno accused Mr. Obama of behaving like an “imperial chief”, and actually used the word “arrogant” to describe him.

(Cuban billboard about Invasion)

The New York Times states Wayne S. Smith, a former American diplomat in Havana said “It’s unfortunate,” when referring to the confrontational language. “There was and still is potential for the Obama administration to change relations with Cuba. These comments coming out of Havana don’t help.”

P.S. The evil “intentions” of the empire that Chavez was referring was concerning the detention this month of an American contractor visiting Cuba. He got arrested for distributing cellphones, laptops and satellite equipment to activists in Cuba on behalf of the Obama administration.

NY Times / Cuba

To see full video of this report, go to: CNN.com.