Very good article by Isabel Sanchez published for the Raices blog on the rap duo Aldeanos and their continuing dedication to speak their minds. Next to Yoani (the Cuban blogger), I’d say Los Aldeanos are up in the same category in terms of international community paying deep attention to their words. This band has tremendous respect from the entire youth culture in Cuba now. Our characters from East of Havana speak very highly of Los Aldeanos now and have become generous community leaders.

Isabel writes of the duo:

Aldo himself insists in one line, “I am not a communist; nor am I a socialist; nor am I a Leninist; I am a Revolutionary.” It is a masterful spin on the everyday wordplay of the government which constantly implores everyone to be just that — “revolutionary” [end quote]

This generation of Cubans are indeed Revolutionaries. In Cuba however, the State definition of “Revolutionary” means someone who follows the Communist party line. This means the Cuban government has co-opted the word for themselves. Here we can see the Cuban rappers are taking the word back. It’s an interesting tug of war in semantics which we will all see play out as Cuba evolves into the new post-Castro era… stripping the propaganda all the way down until we see the Emperor has no clothes.

To read the full piece, go to: Raices Blog