Watching, Rooting, and Supporting this thing called "The New Cuba" (Cuba Specialist | Production | Sensei)

(Yoani Sanchez)

The Cuban government loves deflecting blame on the United States by saying all their pro-democracy activists are paid by the evil empire. It’s a lame excuse that is getting real old… just like the stale government itself.

Cuba’s top brass sometimes acts like that alcoholic who insists he doesn’t have a problem. He’s the addict you’re expecting to hit “rock bottom” before waking up… except Cuba has hit its own “rock bottom” in the form of an economic crisis. Still the alcoholic takes a swig of his bottle while killing his liver… unbeknownst to all the damage and destruction of loved ones standing near.

In this case, the government is in serious denial about the lack of human rights… and instead of killing a liver, this type of denial is affecting 11 million people. Writer Tracey Eaton reports on Pulitzer Center about a Senior Cuban Official who recently dissed Yoani:

[excerpt from article]

A senior Cuban official who spoke on condition of anonymity said he cannot understand how Sanchez rose so quickly without financial support from abroad. “I calculate that Operation Yoani Sanchez costs around a quarter-million dollars per year,” he said. “Her blogs are translated into 17 languages. They take up more bandwidth than the rest of the Internet users in the entire country of Cuba.” The official said he doesn’t believe the U.S. government is financing Sanchez’ blog directly. The money, he contends, flows in a covert manner to other groups and individuals who support the blogger.

Rosa C. Baez, who runs a pro-government blog called La Polilla Cubana, agrees. She calls Sanchez “an invention.” “I can’t believe anybody would pay attention to her,” she said from her second-floor apartment in the town of Villa Panamericana, east of Havana. “All those people have been bought.”

[end quote]

To read a different point of view, go to Time Magazine to read a more objective statement of this woman, who is considered a hero.

On another tip, tomorrow is a big day! July 26th is the 57th Anniversary of the start of the Cuban Revolution. It’s rumored (or at least hoped) that Raul Castro will announce some sort of reform tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Yoani Gets Dissed by Cuban Government”

  1. Ted Henken

    I just discovered your blog thru Tracey’s – I like your approach and loved your film. I think we even met briefly once at the Bildner Center a few years ago when you showed or discussed your film. Cheers y abrazos!

  2. Jauretsi

    Hi Ted… thanks for reading. appreciate the kind words.. whats your email as I plan to have a little cuban newsletter as the blog/project grows…

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