Wouldn’t it be cool to practice the idea of restoring relations with Cuba? There is a book out now that does just that. Learning to Salsa: New Steps in US-Cuba Relations puts major advisors together and simulates 6 scenarios on US-Cuba foreign policy. It’s as if you are overhearing the mock deliberations in The White House as well as the Cuban Government’s inside chatter. Imagine alot of extensive debates and role-playing.

If you’re wondering who was in this simulation experiment representing the “left” to the “middle” to the “right”… here’s a list of names, opinions, and thought leaders that helped create this pseudo-manual for the immediate future.

What a clever exercise in visualization. Authors Vicki Huddleston and Carlos Pascual pulled off an amazingly pragmatic feat, providing a potential blueprint that is grounded and considered for all voices. Foreign Affairs props the book by saying “Learning to Salsa is replete with doable ideas and should be required reading in the real West Wing”.

Hit this link below to read the first 15 pages of the book… it’s enough to get you hooked in.