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April is the big month — the moment Congress convenes in Cuba to discuss the new Economic policies moving forward (discussed in the last blog post Private Enterprise Under Raul Castro). It doesn’t seem the people are “feelin” the vibe of this manual so far… if anything, it’s more cryptic banter from a government that doesn’t really care to instigate real reforms. It’s more of a collection of words that sidestep the real issues…

Here’s words from local blogger, Yoani on this new manual for Economic recovery… Referred to the “The Draft Guidelines for the Communist Party’s VI Congress” to be held in April 2011…

When you grow up decoding each line that appears in the newspapers, you manage to find, among the rhetoric, the nugget of information that motivates, the hidden shreds of the news. We Cubans have become detectives of the unexpressed, experts in discarding the chatter and discovering — deep down — what is really driving things. The Draft Guidelines for the Communist Party’s VI Congress is a good exercise to sharpen our senses, a model example to evaluate the practice of speaking without speaking, which is what state discourse is here.

[on economic proposals] … Expanding the stage for self-employment is also comforting, but whenever I ask someone if they’re going to take out a license, they tell me they don’t think they’ll “take the bait” to start paying taxes. It is disappointing that not a single line refers to the expansion of civil rights, including the restrictions suffered by Cubans in entering and leaving our own country. Nor is there a word about freedom of association or expression…

… so much ink on so much paper

Read the full blog post entry at Generation Y.

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