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The Cuban Research Institute is a respected organization in Miami. I once traveled to Miami to screen/speak at one of CRI’s events in 2007 for East of Havana, and I must say, the room was a mixed bag of emotions concerning Cuba/US relations. Normally my other University tours involved cities such as Pittsburgh, New York, and Boston among others, where the majority of the rooms were Americans. Speaking at Florida International University in Miami was a whole other ball of wax — pointed educated questions, wounded first-hand Cubans who fled Castro, and passionate Cuban-American exile students searching for new answers from their motherland (which their parents forbid them from visiting). The audience was intense, educated, wounded, and curious. It was a treat to experience this energy bubbling to the surface. And that was 2007!

According to the Havana Journal’s latest newsletter, Cuba Watch, The Cuban Research Institute has released its 2011 Cuba poll of 648 randomly selected Cuban-American respondents in Miami-Dade County. Interviews were completed on September 19, 2011. This is the tenth in the series of Cuba Polls conducted by the Principal Investigators (Grenier/Gladwin) since 1991. Analysis is by Anya Landau French.

(2007 Visit to CRI Hosted Event for East of Havana)

This latest FIU poll raises a lot of the big questions on the table right now and gets some contradictory answers.

Overall, a majority of respondents say they support maintaining the embargo (56%), and only 39% are ready to expand trade and investment in Cuba beyond current levels. At the same time, a majority (57%) favors lifting all restrictions on travel, 60% oppose restrictions on family travel and 57% even support re-establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba. Oh, and a whopping 80% of respondents believe that the embargo has “not worked very well” or “not worked at all” — “Yes, you read that right” declares CubaWatch. To read the entire poll for yourself, go to DiasporaYDesarrollo.org

(Florida International University)

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