Poster reads:”Every Revolution begins with the power of an idea, but ends when the only idea left is power”

This Poster was created by Camilo Rojas for a project for Common Underground. Foreign designers were asked to choose a word in which their country was paired with and design a poster of their views of that word towards the US.

Designer Camilo Rojas of Spain explains his inspiration: “As a designer I was asked to choose a country (Cuba) and it’s corresponding word (Revolution) and design a poster that depicted their opinion of the two (the word and the country chosen).The basis of the project is to show insight as to how others perceive us and how we perceive others, hopefully this will catch someone’s attention and make them realize that what we need in order to change the course in which we are headed are those positive words that only make things right and focus on the positive instead of the negative.”

Exhibitions of the posters and book were held in Miami art gallery CIFO and also at Miami’s New World School of the Arts in conjunction with AIGA: Miami. A book was published of the project with all of the participating artist photos and bios.

Take a look at the website for Common Underground to see more on this project.