Remember Eliécer Ávila Sicilia, who we wrote about in 2008? He was the ballsy Cuban student who stood up at a computer science school and confronted a top government official, Ricardo Alarcon, on why young residents couldn’t travel and get on the internet.

(Eliécer in 2008)

(Eliécer in 2013)

This was way before the Cuban government knew the power of YouTube. The official’s answers were absurd and the words reverberated worldwide, thereby putting egg on the face of the administration. For more details on that day, read my original blog post.

This new TV interview (seen below) was published this Spring, just five years after the controversial David & Goliath stand-off which turned Eliecer into a national hero due to his intellectual curiosity and rebellious nature. Still an internet junkie, Eliecer brought his friend, Alexis, to the talk show to discuss his new Cuban social network which just launched. The platform, nicknamed “The Cuban Facebook”, has already garnered 20,000 curious digital souls on the island.

Keep on eye on Eliecer. He’s an eloquent speaker and a clear leader, and more importantly, one of the first young minds I’ve seen poised to enter political office for the day Cubans are allowed to vote in the [hopefully] not so distant future.