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MARIA BACARDI album copy copy
(Maria’s album stash from her mothers pre-Revolutionary record collection)

2 weeks ago, I invited Maria Bacardi to the Sugar Barons Show. Born in Cuba in 1957, Maria Bacardi left the island as a young child to be brought up and educated in Europe. On the show, Maria surprised me by bringing her mothers old vinyl (pictured above), the same albums she witnessed her mother weep over for years in her youth. Yes, the records came from Pre-Revolution Cuba, to exile in Spain, then new York — 55 years later.

We played 3 songs I believe. We talked about how it is time to reconcile with Cuba, to release the wound, the pain, the anger while working towards a new day with our brothers on the island. Then the show ended, Maria hopped in a New York taxi. As she stepped out of the car, she mistakenly forgot the record bag. I felt a sharp panic when Maria first told me she lost her mothers albums, and haven’t stopped thinking about them for 2 weeks, and where they drove off to.

Yesterday I also received more news. Maria Bacardi’s mother just passed away peacefully after a very long illness. RIP Elena Gomez del Campo Bacardi.”If I know her well” writes Maria, “she has already started to organize a major dancing party in heaven”. Yes, I add, “with good rum”.

P.S. Maria is also passionate about supporting theater. Her first album, Deseo (2013) is rich in standard covers, so of course I had to ask Maria to sing Beny More’s “Como Fue” acapella in the studio. Good times.

Listen to the original podcast here:
Sugar Barons Show: Guest Maria Bacardi

To listen to additional shows/guest, visit Sugar Barons Radio.

One Response to “Sugar Barons Show: Guest Maria Bacardi”

  1. Joseph Michael

    Love this post!!! I’m passionate about ‘old-school Cuba stuff’! Awesome!

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