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Very excited for this new Biennial to hit Havana. With a tagline of Diseño y Prosperidad (Design & Prosperity) the first Design Biennial, called 1ra Bienal de Diseño La Habana — otherwise known as BDHabana 2016—will take place May 14–20, 2016. Open to design students and professionals worldwide, the Biennial’s first edition will feature exhibitions, symposia, and events in Havana, and in Camagüey and Santiago de Cuba.

Coordinated by Roberto Miguel Torres, the Biennial will explore issues of design and industry, creative innovation, and workshops to promote design as an element of socioeconomic development. To celebrate the exchange and promotion in relation to the presence of design in our lives towards a new reality.

Roberto Miguel Torres, who is the general secretary of the event´s Organizing Committee and director of Image and Promotion of the National Office of Design (ONDI), states: “We are referring to an event that will be first carried out on the island and its slogan acquire a higher importance given we are realizing about the presence of the design in our lives, so the prosperity cannot become an abstract concept; on the contrary, it is a necessity.” He added. “How could we have a prosperous nation? It would be by having a vision on the related development and innovation which are concepts that are certainly linked to the design and that is to say the way your office is designed, your house or the computer you are using, for instance, So we just cannot produce what is needed, we need to produce what is competitive, and it is right there where designer´s work starts.” (as reported in Cuban Art News)

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Angel Delgado
Límite continuo V
Digital print/wax
pencil/pastel on canvas,
39.2” x 47.1”

Cuba Art NY announces the opening of the exhibition Contemporary Cuban Art in New York at the Dactyl Foundation Gallery, 64 Grand Street, New York, which will be on display from October 8 to October 10, 2009. It’s a strong 3 day window to snatch up some good Cuban art today.

Arturo Rodriguez
Oil on canvas
16″ x 20

Carlos Estevez
Los movimientos
cifrados de la existencia
Oil and pencil on canvas
51″ x 63.5″

Heriberto Mora
Una dosis de amor y
un baño de luz
Oil on canvas
25″ x 24″

Armando Guiller
Spiral Work no.5
26 x 16 x 14 in.
Enameled steel-cherry

An opening night reception and silent auction will be held tomorrow on Thursday night, October 8th, at 6:00 P.M.

The artists included in the 2009 exhibit are:
Giovanni Bosch
Liliam Cuenca
Angel Delgado
Carlos Estévez
Carmen Herrera
Mario García Joya
Armando Guiller
Rafael López Ramos
Heiberto Mora
Arturo Rodríguez
Gilberto Ruiz
Arnaldo Simón

To attend the event or learn more, go to

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