The New Cuba provides a bespoke travel experience that is compliant with US regulations. Please reach me for a creative conversation about your travel objective — Is it Professional Research? Support for the Cuban People? Public Performance? Journalism? There are 12 legal licenses an American can travel on. We’ll chose the license that best fits your trip or project, and tailor an itinerary that meets OFAC regulations.

We provide a refreshing visit to the island, taking you beyond the cookie-cutter tours, and immersing you into the best & brightest of The New Cuba. Led by Jauretsi, a Cuban-American that is passionate about sharing the motherland beyond the obvious tour book offerings.

Services include:

• Pre-Departure Travel Consulting. What to pack. How much money to bring. Paperwork needed. Laws illuminated.
• Cuban Cell Phone rental for full local communication during your stay.
• Itinerary of Relevant events of the week.
• Restaurant Reservations to top Paladars of the moment.
• Home Reservations within our favorite network of homes, charming and chic.
• Tickets to Local events such as the prestigious Ballet or Club Tropicana.
• Walking tours of areas of interest, the most interesting neighborhoods & local businesses.
• Private Driver / Car rentals. All our vintage vehicles are in mint condition… a restoration dream.
• Activities: Salsa Dancing? Architecture Tour? Art collector? Tell me your passion, and I’ll set up a dreamy afternoon.
• For Specific Program Initiatives: we can curate a week of meet’n’greets with counterparts on the island, including visits with influential figures within music, arts, culture, architecture & tech.
• English Speaking expert as full time concierge on your trip, making sure you are the right place at the right time.

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July 1-7, 2018 – Gibara Film Festival
The New Cuba can arrange a 3-10 person group

The current Gibara Film Festival is an extension of an original earlier Festival once named “Festival of Poor Cinema” (launched in 2000) that legendary Cuban filmmaker Humberto Solás created. The newly rebranded Festival, is chaired by the actor and director Jorge Perugorría, one of the island heavyweight acting talents, who starred in the iconic film, Fresas y Chocolates (Strawberry and Chocolate), nominated for an Academy Award. Jorge Perugorría helming the Gibara Festival is akin to Robert Redford developing Sundance in Utah — both a refreshing and authentic escape from the big city, and where top filmmakers can rub elbows with each other as well as nurture the film community in a soulful town located eastern side of the island. The population of the small town also benefits from the very accessible event that floods the entire city. Expect lots of top name Cuban concerts occurring on a nightly basis too.

This package can include a few days in Havana, and a few days in Gibara. Schedule is flexible upon needs of traveler.

Need to schedule your own dates? Please email jauretsi@gmail.com to begin discussing your own travel package.