Aquiles: Art Show In Cuba

Showing in Havana now.
walking man close up gallery
(“Walking Man” by Damian Aquiles)

Got an email from a friend in Cuba who sent pics on this new installation. It’s called “Memoria y Palabras” (Memories and Words) which is a perfect title considering ALL the things young artists have swimming in their heads right now for this little country fighting to redefine itself through a new generation. Since there is no freedom of press in Cuba, it is best to look to their art scene to gauge their emotions. This show is a pensive walk through just that… the recycled goods of an aged nation dissected and reconfigured to tell a new story.

close up lettersletters gallery

insallation in process gallerydamian setting word installation

damian large latta 1

gallery damian painting

black and white grid gallery

In the last few months, Raul Castro has finally allowed Cubans to buy computers, DVD players, and cell phones (although a regular salary in Cuba is $10-$20 a month). Their economy is a big issue for him to tackle, but he does claim he’s discussing reforms now. Internet is still illegal and freedom to travel is still restricted. Here’s to the youth and their explosive art scene as they “work it out” on gallery walls.

3 thoughts on “Aquiles: Art Show In Cuba

  1. I love Damien Aquiles, my cousin has part of his Walking Man in his apartment here in New York, its really stunning especially when you realize its made from old car metal.

  2. I had the pleasure to know this artist, back in the 90’s. When I said artist the word included all him: the painter and the man. I remember one painting, a field of flags and a giant razor, one evening in Jaruco. Oh…what a memorable moment!

  3. I have known Damian all my life, he was always ahead of his time, his artistic view and good taste makes him a unique artist!

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