I won’t over explain this short film. It was created in 2005 and runs 19 minutes. It is about 2 sisters who reside in Cuba. Part of their routine is their weekly stroll to church — 25 KM (approx 15 1/2 miles). If you notice, it takes tremendous patience to stay “present” in the film. It’s an exercise in staying focused. A day in the life for these women is slowwwwww, simple, and raw. There is no dialogue. Just environmental noises, and probably alot of thinking time.

It reminds me of both the serenity and the madness of being so quiet during my stays in Cuba. Doing this for a vacation week is relaxing. Doing this for a whole lifetime can sometimes be numbing. Others would disagree. Nonetheless, 25 KM does not pound you with any messages. Instead, it allows you to take the ride and come to your own conclusions. This film is beautifully shot. It is subtle, powerful, and encapsulates the complicated state of existence on an island so removed from the rest of the world.


25 km (2005) from CanalDocumental TV on Vimeo.