The Frank Cuba Issue

The new Frank issue is out. As we all know and love our thematic issues of Frank, this particular is dedicated to my favorite topic — Cuba! The project East of Havana has seeped into three of the stories in the issue. We congratulate the team at Frank for creating an all around informative issue full of great stories about the island.

The first spread is a compilation I accumulated from my photo-essay on the Cuban Hip Hop Festival in 2003. The feature shows just a few snaps from my monster Polaroid collection on Cuban youth.

(To see the entire story, go to pages 116-12)

The second spread is a “cheat-sheet” I wrote about the underground vernacular Cubans share with each other. Located only 90 miles from the United States, these guys live on their own planet… isolated from internet and outside magazines. Consequently, they tend to have their own inside jokes and “short-hand”. Treat this guide as cliff notes to maneuvering around Cuba today.

(To read this piece, go to pages 114-115)

The 3rd spread are photos taken by a wonderful photographer and dear friend, Estevan Oriol, whom I traveled to Cuba with during the rap festival to document the scene for East of Havana.

(To see all these photos, go to pages 130-135)

To flip through the entire book, go to

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