Houses of Havana

The newly released book, Great Houses of Havana (The Monacelli Press), is a visual celebration of the chic spirit of the island’s homes. Architect Hermes Mallea, a Cuban-American architect and author has been amassing a collection of photographs of Cuban residences for several years now. Included in his search were also vintage family shots which is what makes this book unique. One cannot help but get engrossed in all the imagery from various years causing the reader to travel in time to witness the evolution of many styles.

“I was not interested in doing another album of pretty pictures” explains Hermes, “it was my goal to create a history book with a real message, which is an appreciation of the glamour and sophistication of Havana, as well as a celebration of this significant architecture and the talented Cubans that designed & built these houses.” Take a look at this video to get to know the author’s vision a little better.

To read details on these neighborhood homes ranging from Miramar to Varadero,Cuba, visit Cuba Absolutely’s Review in their latest issue.

One thought on “Houses of Havana

  1. Hola, estoy escribiendo un libro sobre los vascos en Cuba y me gustaría hacerle algunas preguntas.

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