More Coverage

Finally, the topic of Cuba is front and center this week, gracing the Economist cover as well as a special report produced by CNBC. The Economist opens with a piece called The Castro’s, Cuba, and America: On The Read Towards Capitalism.

For more articles, here’s a link to their Special Report section on Cuba — 7 meaty reports on Cuban issues today (read here).

Also, another TV special aired this week talking “Capitalism in Cuba” as well. CNBC reports: “For decades, Cuba has been known as a forbidden country. It’s also a hidden treasure that if opened, could provide a massive boom to U.S. companies, many of which are ready, willing and, in some cases, already doing business with Cuba. CNBC’s Michelle Caruso-Cabrera has more”. The special aired last night. Watch the trailer video here

For better or worse, the change is happening! It’s time to move out of this 50 year coma. Why am I encouraging you all to get informed on the state of Cuba today? Because it’s good to know the score on Cuba/US relations, and inevitably, it will be up to our US President (election year, anyone?) to make some very fresh new decisions on this delicate matter.

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