La Partida


The LGBT community stands strong in Cuba today. One of the recent films to come out is La Partida (The Last Match) by Director Antonio Hens, a Spain co-production with Cuba. Released in 2013, the story is about two [originally] hetero Cuban boys on the edge of marginality, discovering their place in the world, as well as their own sexuality. The film touches upon all the modern day issues resident teenagers face — the tourism industry, the sex trade, the black market, and the lure of traveling abroad and fulfilling ones dreams (through a soccer career in this case). In one scene, we even see a Molly-type type drug consumed. Above that, the movie is a refreshing introduction to fresh Cuban talent in the independent film scene. Both leads are striking young men, and the supporting cast is compelling in the most authentic Cuban ways.

La Partida is the story of an intense love affair, and a coming of age tale in the unique circumstances of Cuba today. “I’ve always been interested in teenage characters” says Director Antonio Hens, “that critical moment in life when we are about to become adults. I am interested in its contradictions, its illusions and the strength of our first loves, which are always the most intense, the most passionate and, in a sense, the most authentic. Later, we become adults and arm ourselves with protective shields”.

(Film is available for purchase here too)


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