Cuba’s version of Hulu + Netflix + Spotify


You can probably consider Dany one of Cuba’s first tech entrepreneurs. For just $2 a week, he sells content to the entire island of Cuba. Think TV shows, Movies, Music, App, and so on — much of it is stuff that is currently released in the US. Behold the “El Paquete”, the largest operation of human data traffickers in Cuba, passed along only through hard drives (remember Cuban internet penetration is 5% on the island, so forget downloads).

Dany says: “We offer a product that is like one giant webpage where you can see all the content you want for a very low price”. When asked if he’s nervous about the internet one day taking over his business, the 26 year old responds, “The internet might take over some clients, but we offer something different and very effective.”

Reporter Johhny Harris researched, found, and finally interviewed Dany, one of the heads of a paquete circle. Some of Dany’s other competition on the island include guys named Ali and Elio. These men are in fierce competition to secure the latest and greatest content delivered to their buyers every week… a healthy case of competition breeding innovation.

Meet Dani and his operation of black market gold.


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