Hola Bloomingdales!

Cuba is attracting creative community in droves these past few months. I had the good fortune of working with Bloomingdales towards end of 2015 as they arrived in Cuba to shoot their Spring 2016 catalog. The company helming the catalogue shoot was Totem Creative, an advertising marketing agency serving the fashion and retail industries. Honorable mention to founding partner Frank Tartaglia and Viviana Strauss who were a joy to create with.

The catalogue has finally been released. In addition to the Havana inspired collection of clothing, Bloomingdales requested a travelogue with “things to do” in Cuba, which I helped curate and produce. If you’re curious about what to visit on your first trip to Cuba, here’s a pretty healthy guide to get you started.


Screenshot 2016-04-18 16.37.47.png

Screenshot 2016-04-18 16.39.19.png


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