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(Jauretsi, at Havana Biennial 2012)

Jauretsi is “a New York based Cuban Culture Hunter”  (Billboard Magazine)

I am a Cuban-American who has been visiting the motherland for nearly 20 years, just as long as I have been living in New York, where I excelled in the field of Media. Over the years, my print and media clients have included Conde Nast, eBay, Pharrell Williams’  I Am Other , The Standard Hotel, and a bevy of Luxury clients. To view my American media work, visit On the side, I have always been deeply impassioned by my Cuban roots (as Cubans do so well), thus my complicated journey back to the island with all the joy and sorrow it brought.

During my first documentary shoot in Cuba early 2000’s, I launched this blog and radio show (formerly named Sugar Barons). It was a soundboard to share my thoughts on the complicated conversation of engaging Cuba as an American. Since then, each of my journeys back to Cuba revealed a furiously hungry youth culture ready to join the 21st century. Then December 17, 2014 happened, the symbolic day.  President Obama changed the course of history. All of our lives tweaked as we finally entered an era of healing. Then Mr. Trump was elected, and well, let’s just say all the progress is moving backwards. The important thing to know is that travel to Cuba is STILL legal for Americans. Read the 6 Reasons You Should Still Travel to Cuba. Until the ship steers back towards a more positive engagement with US/Cuba relations, I will continue to dive head-first into the creative swirl of energy that is The New Cuba, and help be part of this change.

The New Cuba offers consulting, curated trips, talent booking, VIP/Concierge service, and content creation on the island — all with the intention of fostering better understanding of the current culture and climate of the Cuban people. Check out these interesting weeks to visit in 2018. If you cannot attend these specific dates, call me for a bespoke schedule on the dates that suit you best. All itineraries are compliant with US Regulations (OFAC) for Travel to Cuba.

This blog is an inspiration board of all things New Cuba, as well as some of our current projects. Stay tuned as I attempt to catch this deluge in a paper cup.

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onwards & upwards,
Jauretsi & The New Cuba crew

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12 Responses to “About”

  1. k8

    dude i had no idea you were doing this…AMAZING. i would love to go with you…could i? we could rock something for ny times mag; the atlantic or new yorker….i have contacts too. xx

  2. damian aquiles

    please contac me. artist front the show in hav.
    my best
    damian aquiles

  3. raafman

    you got my attention. am listening. plus a little hip-hop doesn’t hurt. you spin cuban hip-hop in nyc?

  4. Daniela

    excellent blog. thanks for the honesty.
    you rock girl.

  5. Rosie

    Awesome lady!
    i went to cuba in 1999 and really loved it. i had friends who were living there with a cuban family, we hung out and discussed differences bet. the culture there and american culture…
    hope you are well! big hug xox

  6. Darren Atkins

    Very inspiring, you are a good person xxd

  7. cecille

    fairly presented. informative. interesting. thanks for being so present and concerned with ‘one love’. cecille

  8. Nicole Di Rocco

    Very interesting!!! I’m Cuban American living in California. I was just in Cuba this past December with my parents who hadn’t been back for 49 years. We actually drove by Alamar and on way to Habana. The entire trip was incredible!

  9. Ted Henken

    Great blog and good to see there are others out there caught between Havana and Miami – That’s what makes New York so great – freedom to think and criticize, and be yourself!! Keep rockin’

    El Yuma

  10. Miz Liz


    I’m a french journalist and blogger
    I was searching for some fresh news about Vincent Delbrouck and google leads me to your blog.
    Just wanted to say that it’s refreshing to have that kind of infos
    I’ll definitely follow your updates starting from now

    Best Regards,


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