(Jauretsi, at Havana Biennial 2012)

Jauretsi is “a New York based Cuban Culture Hunter”  (Billboard Magazine)


Notes from Cuba is a space created by me, Jauretsi, a Cuban-American Producer by way of New York, who is now based in Havana Cuba to help foster the island nation as an emerging market. The aim is to bridge the gap between foreign projects and the authentic Cuba, leaving all cliches at the door. Notes from Cuba is industry agnostic, with the primary purpose of building cultural bridges through interesting projects — Film, Fashion, Music, Art, Sports, etc. I specialize in seeking subcultures.

An extra note is that I am a DJ for 20 years, with a past Cuban-themed radio show for 2 years at Miss Lily’s, set in Soho New York city. Every week, I lugged my crates of vinyl, and booked coffee-talks with current project makers in Cuba. In essence, music and film are 2 passion points as a Producer and Director.

For Cuba productions, I offer 360 services — from ideation, researching, team-building, budgeting, Cuban government approval, and execution. Also flexible with á la carte needs, such as casting or location scouting. With access to reliable teams that live on the ground in Cuba, consider me your “one-stop-shop” to execute any vision.

Additional Production Offerings: Travel Consulting, Location Permits, Media Credentials, Lodging, Transportation, Itineraries, Local film staff, and more. In short, I want to make your project a reality.

A bit about my background: Over the years, my print and media clients have included Conde Nast, eBay, Pharrell Williams’ I Am Other , The Standard Hotel, and a bevy of Luxury clients. To view my American media work, visit Jauretsi.com.

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12 thoughts on “About

  1. dude i had no idea you were doing this…AMAZING. i would love to go with you…could i? we could rock something for ny times mag; the atlantic or new yorker….i have contacts too. xx

  2. Awesome lady!
    i went to cuba in 1999 and really loved it. i had friends who were living there with a cuban family, we hung out and discussed differences bet. the culture there and american culture…
    hope you are well! big hug xox

  3. fairly presented. informative. interesting. thanks for being so present and concerned with ‘one love’. cecille

  4. Very interesting!!! I’m Cuban American living in California. I was just in Cuba this past December with my parents who hadn’t been back for 49 years. We actually drove by Alamar and on way to Habana. The entire trip was incredible!

  5. Great blog and good to see there are others out there caught between Havana and Miami – That’s what makes New York so great – freedom to think and criticize, and be yourself!! Keep rockin’

    El Yuma

  6. hello,

    I’m a french journalist and blogger
    I was searching for some fresh news about Vincent Delbrouck and google leads me to your blog.
    Just wanted to say that it’s refreshing to have that kind of infos
    I’ll definitely follow your updates starting from now

    Best Regards,


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