Your Production Jedi down in Cuba. Just shining light on all the people, places, and things helping shape the narrative today

Time moves soooooo slow down in Cuba…Everyone is basically waiting for something to change. Anyway, the guys I know down there bust out in an improvised song every five seconds. Its really in their blood.

Anyone who’s ever hung out in Cuba will totally get this clip. Makes me laugh everytime.
p.s. notice the bird shakin’ its ass too.

One Response to “Cuban Jam Session”

  1. Guilhem

    La video esta graciosa, y el sitio se ve bien.
    La boda fue simpatica, la fiesta en centro habana lo fue tambien. Jorge luis Sanchez acaba de mandarme cuatros guiones… Voy a leerlos y si quieres leerlo tambien nos vemos.

    Un abrazo.


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