Martien Mulder Photos

I’m one of those people that dread looking at people’s travel photos from Cuba. 
Without trying to sound too jaded, most of it is super cliche — let’s see, there’s the che guevara mural shot, some old lady with a cigar in her mouth, a decayed 1950’s buick, maybe one propaganda billboard? While most people “ooh” and “aah”, i kinda sit there internally yawning. To me, people’s Cuba travel photos sort of say alot about the person behind the lense. 



Then once in a while, somebody will come back from Cuba and show me something really honest, strong, and different… sort of like their own interpretation of the island today while evading all the obvious shots.

Martien Mulder’s Cuba photos are minimalist, yet each can launch you into hours of political and cultural conversation. That’s my idea of talking through a camera. She’s a dutch-born girl living in New York and shoots for cool independent mags all the way up to French Vogue. If you like these travel photos, she’s also documented her personal voice at these places — India, Morocco, Japan, Scotland, Switzerland, Greece, Australia, Belgium, Holland, and yes, USA. 


Here’s a sneak peak from a Brazil trip….. more here.
Martien Mulder Website

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