(No More Tractors!)

Below is a really well written article on Cuban agriculture, and how the localized farming industry was born out of the “Special Period” crisis after the Soviet Union dissolved and abandoned Cuba in the early 90’s. It’s the story of a country reaching rock bottom and coming up with tough hardworking decisions to create a sustainable society in order to feed its people again (and consequently, not be so reliant on foreign import/export). The neighborhood of Alamar is mentioned in this piece too.


Writer Bill McKibben poses some philosophical, political, and pragmatic questions towards all nations outside Cuba — and how would we respond to a “Special Period” occurring on a global level. Somehow, the Cuban model (as conflicted as they are within their own authoritarian paradigm) is an interesting experiment to observe.


The concept is too difficult to explain in a short paragraph so please do yourself a favor, and read the whole article at Harpers.org/The Cuban Diet.