People are Talkin…

Picture 5

All over Cuba, young people are rapping in their bedrooms in Cuba. It’s something we discovered throughout our travels in Cuba while making East of Havana. All the ideas, poetry, frustrations, joy, depression, and hope are bubbling out of the youths pores… causing a mild earthquake during this time of change.

This project, entitled “Ruido” (Noise) was created recently by an artist called Yoel Vazquez who was born in Havana in 1973. After studying at the Academia Nacional de Artes Plasticas de San Alejandro, he moved to Europe in 2004 and continues to create his art outside the island.

Picture 6

In terms of this project, Yoel captures urgent poetry from the bedrooms and kitchens of Cuba. He explains, “I am interested in working with the energies of these youngsters who with the power of their polemic rhymes defend the underground genre of the rap movement. Their rhymes are full of social denunciation, full of the most urgent preoccupations of a young generation.”

To see the art piece, go to: RUIDO.

In essence, this is rap in its purest form: “It is universal in the world of the poor and the marginalized” affirms Yoel. To see each individual video, go to Yoel Videos Sorted.

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