Rumba Rap

It’s awesome when you can get social commentary combined with a swivel of the hips. These guys killed it. Welcome to the Rumba Rap protest by Michelito “EL VATICANO” de Cuba. Homeboy does not hold back any thoughts when speaking his mind. Michelito clearly and eloquently describes day to day life in Cuba, but he has some fun doing it. Serious drumming here.

If I had to compare Michelito to an American rapper, he’s reminiscent of early Busta Rhymes’ raspy explosive voice during Leader of the New School days. Imagine the “Scenario” monologue with a Cuban voice — (“Rrrarh Rrrarh like a Dungeon Dragon!”)… except Michelito’s party track is amped on the government’s injustice instead.

As you can tell, the music video is a bit rudimentary, so just close your eyes and listen to the jam… or you can genuinely watch an educational slideshow of today’s topics — overpacked camel buses, police harassment, low income, etc. Either way, it’s a wonderfully passionate piece of work — entitled “Cuba: Esto Que Cosa Es?!” (“Cuba, What is this?!”)

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