Shit Abuela’s Say

If you live in New York, you’ve surely seen the “Shit New Yorkers Say” video which seems to be doing the rounds this week. Being a mystical-phile, I must admit that “Shit New Age Girls Say” was a comical second treat this week. It wasn’t until today, that I happened to bump into the most niche of the “Shit Says” series… “Shit Abuela’s Say”. Lordy, this brings it all back. Here’s something only a Cuban can understand — the benevolent smart-ass Cuban grandma. God Bless them all!

One thought on “Shit Abuela’s Say

  1. Oh my god! My mother says ALL of these things! One day I’m too fat, the next I’m too skinny. One day I need to get married, the next Men are no good. And always I need to eat something.

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