Sugar Barons Radio – First Show

Years in the making… and officially launched. Last week was the first Sugar Barons Radio show, weekly selection of latin funk, cuban jazz, boogaloo, and classics. Here’s the playlist from my maiden voyage.

Expect some chat on current Cuban affairs as the show evolves with guests who visit the island on occasion for art projects. The show airs every Wednesday from 2-4pm at from the Miss Lilys collective. Two of the partners of the next door space (Miss Lilys Variety) are Serge Becker and Matt Goias. Together, they have honored the tradition of the Caribbean with a collector’s paradise of rare and essential Jamaican vinyl.

In addition to the awesome hard-to-find wax, the Variety shop boasts a borderline-obsessive selection of West Indian-inspired books, jewelry, and gifts. Matt Goias is also expertly curating a rotating program of photography, art, and graphics exhibitions — each spawning books, prints, and shirts to be sold out of the space.

The adjacent spot is called Melvin’s Juice Box (a juice bar) — altogether probably one of the best business models I’ve seen in my years in New York. The front space will be Miss Lily’s Variety shop (the West Indian record store-themed gallery and boutique) while the annex in the back is Melvin’s domain. If you don’t know Mr Melvin, well he’s another coup to the business – best hip juice bar in Soho now. Then there’s DJ Max Glazer manning the heavy rotation of radio DJ’s spinning caribbean flavor out of Radio Lily day and night, while Matt oversees the creative salon as den father.

Enough about the cool Lily’s men, you’ll get to know them all here in this blog as the show evolves, with special Sugar Barons guests illuminating us on Cuban affairs today. Here’s the music that scored our virgin show… launched with Mongo Santamaria’s “Me & You Baby (Picao y Tostao)”.

That’s right listeners. It’s Me & You baby… spicy and toasted!
The Baroness

p.s. Archived shows will go online soon. Stay tuned


Sugar Barons- Show #1

me and you (picao and tostado) – mongo santamaria
babalu – Slim gaillard
age of aquarius – celia cruz & tito puente
cachita – ali baba
deeper shade of soul – ray barreto
encantando de la vida – beny more
azuquita – guajira baran
regresare – celia cruz
unchained melody – la lupe
sway – perez prado & rosemary clooney
princess- mongo santamaria
soul foo yong – willie bobo
de eso nada monada – ray & his court
freeway mambo- perez prado
get out of my way – joe torres
fever – la lupe
santa barbara – celina y reutilio
cubano chant – cal tjader
imitations- mario bauza & friends
do the boogaloo – pete rodriguez y su conjunto
ochun- mongo santamaria
bailando despacito – katunga
ali baba – ali baba
guajiro de verdad – beny more
piel y canela – eydie gorme
tumbaloflesicodelicomicoso – celia cruz
guantanamera – johnny colon
son de la lloma – willy chirino


If you tuned in this Wednesday on, Feb 15th, from 2-4 pm in New York, our first guest was Andre Torres, Founder and Editor of Wax Poetics… a journal that us music nerds consider premium reading. Their current issue, “The Latin Issue” graced newsstands all month, with articles on Fania (the Latin Motown) to Eddie Palmeiri to Cal Tjader. Andre came and discussed the issue with corresponding music.

Every show asks our Latin enthusiast guests to bring in their Countdown challenge — “Name the Top 10 Albums that Changed Your Life… and why?” We expect to get schooled and entertained in the worlds of Latin funk, Cuban Jazz, Guajiro, and classics.

If I can master the multi-tasking — the decks, the guest, and the love… then I may occasionally check my Twitter handle Twitter/Jauretsi and respond to guests.

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