If you listen to the Sugar Barons show, you’d know that I am a fan of a good cover track. One of the songs I play often, in all its different incarnations in Piel Canela (meaning “Cinnamon Skin”). It was originally written by Puerto Rican artist named Bobby Capo, who recorded an English version in Havana with Sonora Matancera.

Since then, the song has been covered TONS of times in Spanish by American artists — think Nat King Cole, Eydie Gorme, Linda Ronstandt, etc, etc. Josephine Baker recorded a French version. It’s a delightfully infectious track.

“Black eyes, cinnamon skin, that drive me to desperation.
I care about you and you and you, and only you and you and you,
I care about you and you and you, and no one else but you”.

Here’s Eydie bringing it home…